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Here you can expect to see highs and lows that shape our journey as a ‘normal’ expat family

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  • It’s been a while…

    30th Jul 2020 by

    Hello lovelies, Well.. When I first set up this page the idea was to provide a real and honest account of life outside of the glittering portrayal we are sadly getting accustomed to on social media. Though I have realised further down the road that talking about any and everything openly isn’t always as easy… Read more

  • The ‘A’ Word

    8th Apr 2020 by

    Anxiety. A lot of people lately have commented on how calm I am. For those of you who know me well you will know that this hasn’t always been the case. I will also share a few things that only my family know about only because this is something I feel is important to talk… Read more

  • Shepherds Rest

    19th Jan 2020 by

    We were recommended to come here by friends that had come across the site whilst we were staying in France! They were offering a winter deal for a month or more for travelling families and we thought we would book in as our furthest stop down the east coast! We decided it would be a… Read more

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