The ‘A’ Word

Anxiety. A lot of people lately have commented on how calm I am. For those of you who know me well you will know that this hasn’t always been the case. I will also share a few things that only my family know about only because this is something I feel is important to talkContinue reading “The ‘A’ Word”

Shepherds Rest

We were recommended to come here by friends that had come across the site whilst we were staying in France! They were offering a winter deal for a month or more for travelling families and we thought we would book in as our furthest stop down the east coast! We decided it would be aContinue reading “Shepherds Rest”

When what you thought you wanted turns out to be the opposite

Recently we have redefined what we came to Almeria for, so as many of you who have been following our journey know, we have been travelling Spain over the past few months in hope of finding somewhere to settle.  We had preconceived ideas of where we would end up, despite having only visiting the mainlandContinue reading “When what you thought you wanted turns out to be the opposite”

Our first Airbnb experience

I know we’re a bit late to the table here, but thanks to our friends who we met in France encouraging us to to use the app we went ahead and booked! (Also thanks to the flood, because without our caravan getting ruined we wouldn’t have needed it anyway!) Using the app we found reallyContinue reading “Our first Airbnb experience”

How we’re learning Spanish…

Now I say that loosely because we don’t SPEAK Spanish.. YET. However there have been a few resources, apps etc that we have found helpful and I wanted to share them incase it would be any benefit or interest to you. What I’m going to post about doesn’t only relate to Spanish you could applyContinue reading “How we’re learning Spanish…”

What we really thought of Lloret de mar

So my experience in this area of Spain is virtually none – other than from hearsay of it being ‘not a great area’ neither of us had anything to go by.. Also my mum had a girls holiday here back in the day! We chose to stay here to be around the outskirts of BarcelonaContinue reading “What we really thought of Lloret de mar”

Finding our feet in the south of France

So it seems happy times makes for not a lot to write about! Which I’ve always said when reading reviews people always speak up when they have something to complain about, have you noticed? Sometimes we are drawn to or purposely go to read the negative feedback first! We always feel compelled to make sureContinue reading “Finding our feet in the south of France”

Our stay at Huttopia Royat [Review]

A woodland retreat 580m above sea level, with modern and cosy cabins, safari tents, mobile homes and camping pitches. It has a very Centre Parcs feel about it yet more intimate and a lot less commercial (I love Centre Parcs by the way) I feel like here it had a good balance between decent amenitiesContinue reading “Our stay at Huttopia Royat [Review]”