Remembering what calm is

We have now got to Almeria province, though not without an adventure, yet more car troubles meant that our journey here was far from plain sailing. It made me laugh that the kids didn’t even question any of the times we broke down as they’re so used to the car losing power now! We must’ve broken down in excess of 30 times on the 2hr20min journey here! It took us A LOT longer, and whilst I’d love to say I have kept up with the car games whilst travelling, being on the road has honestly just become a normality to them now and so as long as they have regular snacks they’re happy!

I guess there’s worse places you could break down

On our first two nights here there have been incredibly strong winds, the kids have found it too noisy and scary to get a decent amount of sleep! We’re around 1100m above sea level among the mountains so when the wind comes down it makes a screaming sound through the windows and has been lifting the roof tiles. Luckily it died down last night, either that or we have just got used to it!

Some roof tiles came off above this bedroom in the high wind

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t actually sure what to expect coming to Oria. I thought it would be quiet, and it is. I didn’t expect there would be much to do, and there isn’t. What I mostly didn’t’t expect is how much I would love it for both of those reasons! Like many beautiful places, photos just don’t do here justice! I was saying to Ben as we drove here that I’m intrigued as to what makes people move somewhere like here, but the longer we spend here the more I get it. Maybe I’m just anxious natured (I know having children doesn’t’t help with that) but I would be thinking ‘what do we do if this happens, or that…’ Or any from a selection of my many irrational thoughts.

One thing I was thinking though was – ‘would the kids be bored?’. The answer so far is, absolutely not. Yesterday was a bit windy, but plenty nice enough to spend some time in the garden. We done a little bit of weeding, played with the dog and cooked lunch out of bits we could use on the gas hob. As we went to bed Koa said to me “mummy, I’ve had a really lovely day today” .. which for this kid to say is RARE! Like rocking-horse shit rare. Bearing in mind the day before we went out to finish the Christmas shopping, had lunch out, the kids got to go on a few rides, got a toy balloon, played in the many play areas around the centre (nice touch by the way.) However a day of calm made him come alive. Therefore this is what I need to regularly remind myself: money spent on kids DOES NOT NECESSARILY = HAPPINESS. Sometimes we could all do with giving ourselves a break and enjoy some quiet time. Considering we had no electricity too, it was like our reminder that sometimes you’ve got to switch off. It actually made us go out! Which is sad I know, but it’s also true. The fact is we wouldn’t have been as sociable if our phones were fully charged and we wouldn’t have maybe played in the garden as much if we had the TV with the Christmas movies on!! You know that phone anxiety of what if someone needs you, then you get the thing back on and guess what? No one needed you! I need to put it down and remember that sometimes the people that need me are right infront of my face!

Merry Christmas

On that note my lovelies, I’m going to bed to snuggle my babies, they also look cuter when sleeping as they’re proven to be less offensive.

Merry Christmas Everyone. I hope you have a truly special one, I’m sure it will be memorable as this time of year often brings about positive change. Sending love. xxx

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