Finding ‘our’ place

We’ve got to the point where we’ve seen the majority of places that we intended and it’s time to start making decisions about where we want to be. Where do you begin? Surely if you begin with a winning formula, good schools, yeah we should check those out, apartments, cost of living, available work etc, would be a good start? That’s proved easier said than done for us, lately we’ve kind of felt like wanderers with no real direction or purpose. On those days where you wake and it’s dark out it’s so blissful to be able to go back to bed and rise more naturally with the sun. That also could be the same factor thats holding us back, making us feel lethargic, are we really getting too used to doing nothing? I think it takes a lot of self discipline to get up early, in the dark and get motivated! Sometimes we forget we’re really just animals, our need for hibernation is real! (Or at least that’s my excuse..)

We knew we wanted to be close-is to the sea and narrowed our search down to the eastern coast of Spain, so far we’ve been near Barcelona, Valencia and Alicante and the surrounding areas! We will head to Almeria area for Christmas. Luckily we’ve been on the same page about where we’ve liked and not so much, so I guess that’s a start. We have been captured by Alicante city, pleasantly surprised by the chilled vibe and stunning architecture. I’ve said before I’m not a ‘city person’ but I think I could get used to this! I can see why this area is popular among the Brits. I worried that it may be ‘too English’ you know, but it’s not!

Alicante town hall
Magical trees.. apparently full of mice!

I also think when looking for somewhere to live you have to remember that what appeals to you as a holiday destination may be ENTIRELY different. For example, if you are on holiday you may not want to see British bars if you’re keen to experience local culture. When looking to reside somewhere a little reminder of home or a familiar accent may be a safe haven for you, seriously! Even something as small as finding your favourite sauce in the supermarket! Don’t get me wrong we fully plan to embrace the language and culture, but being surrounded by voices you don’t yet understand on a daily basis can feel a little isolating! It may make the transition considerably easier for the children too if they make friends with children that speak English.

There are so many unknowns at the moment and what was initially exciting (still is) but has become more a way of life therefore I haven’t shared much! Maybe there’s a bit of anxiety surrounding the impending need to make a decision on x,y,z etc and I feel like I need to do a shit tonne of adulting that I’m just not cut out for?! Actually, yeah that’s exactly it.

First step in adulting was buying myself a travel mug so I no longer spill hot tea in the car

So whilst there are many uncertainties I CAN however vouch for the fact that wading in the sea in December with the sun on you feels BLISSFUL, the lack of Christmas prescence here is also welcomed as it keeps the kids from counting down WAY too early! Spanish food is delightfull and the kids most definitely need to do more (some) schoolwork!

Paddling with nanny in December

Our current mission is trying to sort out the relevant paperwork which will enable us to access things such as schools, work and healthcare.

We feel from what we’ve seen so far (and we’ve loved all the areas we’ve seen for different reasons) that somewhere close to or Alicante could suit us best!

Alicante esplanade

How did you decide on your place to call home? I’d love to know, message me with your thoughts.

Have a beautiful weekend!.. I’m sitting in peace and quiet as the ferals are finally asleep (it’s been a tough day) and Ben’s gone to a bar to watch the boxing.

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