What we really thought of Lloret de mar

So my experience in this area of Spain is virtually none – other than from hearsay of it being ‘not a great area’ neither of us had anything to go by.. Also my mum had a girls holiday here back in the day! We chose to stay here to be around the outskirts of Barcelona but not too in the thick of it and to be honest when searching for properties we liked this one and it ticked all of our boxes! Quite frankly when moving out of a caravan we were elated to have a washing machine so there aren’t any real boxes to be ticked here, – doesn’t mean the apartment isn’t great though!

Bearing in mind we arrived here from a lovely area in the south of France which, looking back, was ridiculously unspoilt and charmingly beautiful! It would be a hard one to match for it’s quaint charm. Even so, we couldn’t wait to get to Spain as this is where we had our heart set!

It took us a while to find our accommodation, an apartment booked through Air BnB, this area is bigger than we anticipated! It was also tricky getting the trailer and car parked at good location to unload the bikes off the roof before going in the underground car park! – Logistically though this is probably something people reading won’t ever have to worry about. Lol. We were instantly impressed with the apartment and both felt more at home than we can remember feeling in the recent weeks! I think being here has had the same effect on the kids too – whilst obviously we have challenges DAILY. The behaviour has really improved! I think they feel more settled and happier in a bigger living space. I didn’t expect this because as far as we were concerned living in the caravan and having the great outdoors, pardon the pun – LITERALLY on your doorstep, could you be anymore free?

Loving our apartment, also check out that green orb! 💚 🔮

The day after arriving here we took a walk down the town and instantly felt pretty put off to say the least, you could imagine in the height of season this place is probably MENTAL! If you like the nightlife and home comforts of McDonalds and Burger King, tonnes of pubs, bars and discos all lined up even named after British places like ‘The Queen Vic!!’ Then this is your place! .. Come to think of it have I not just described my own husbands idea of paradise.. ?!! It remains to be seen why he doesn’t love it here! Only joking, kind of. Though I think we’re both more introvert than we like to admit and personally prefer being in quieter areas. This could be because we provide enough noise of our own? Seriously that’s probably it. Still I guess it’s more the fear of the unknown but Ben said he wouldn’t want me going out alone here!

Fast forward a few days and we have been to the local beaches, which are absolutely beautiful and at this time of year EMPTY!We have walked around the town of a late afternoon/evening and enjoyed the end of season lull. We have visited beautiful local castles/ruins and eaten picnics from private Jardins – (Sounds posh, kind of was also a pushchairs worst nightmare!) Actually we have to go back on our word and say this place is alright, in fact it’s more than alright. It’s lovely and it has a charm all of it’s own. Everyone we’ve come across has been lovely, the people are really welcoming, which to be honest is a surprise given some of the signs (written in English) down the town ask you to be respectful ie not shout, walk around bare chested and causing trouble! It sounds like us brits have made an impression! I’d certainly rather be here than in the UK that’s for sure! Here’s some of our highlights incase you’re planning a visit;

Jardins de Clotilde

There’s loads of steps but some areas are accessible with the pram!
Beautiful views and a great picnic spot!

Castell de mas carbó

This place we found out on a drive just outside of Lloret in Palafolls. We saw it way up the mountain and headed for it, around a mile or so up a dust track the car just about reached it!! By total fluke we were there for sunset and it was beautiful, well worth a visit and even though we went with our three I would not recommend this one with young children!

This place was amazing to see but also an anxiety fest with the children – loads of unsafe areas! 🙈
There were a lot of couples here, I definitely think our noisy kids killed the vibe a bit
Daddy’s at home when up high!

Fenals Beach

Fenals beach is so pretty, as we were here in November it was really quiet too! It’s not far from Lloret beach which is much more commercial and busy with plenty of shops and bars so you have a great mix of both really close together! They are walking distance from each other, around 10mins but it’s quite a hilly walk!

Apparently it’s a plus that the sand is really grainy according to Ben as it’s not messy and you can wipe it off easy – he’s one of those people that can’t stand the wet sand on foot combination. Apparently a lot of people don’t like it either! So a win for the grainy sand that ‘just brushes off.’

Parc polivalent Francesc Macià

This one we found on google, it’s a really decent size kids park with several play areas, a few zip lines and lots of quirky sculpture type things! Ben actually got some photos on his phone but mine went flat so sadly I didn’t manage to get any but I’ve added the link here so you can take a look! 😊 Definitely worth spending a few hours here with the children! https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g642220-d2476648-Reviews-Parc_Francesc_Macia-Malgrat_de_Mar_Catalonia.html

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