Finding our feet in the south of France

So it seems happy times makes for not a lot to write about! Which I’ve always said when reading reviews people always speak up when they have something to complain about, have you noticed? Sometimes we are drawn to or purposely go to read the negative feedback first! We always feel compelled to make sure that we are heard when things don’t go our way. Hence I take a lot of things with a pinch of salt when reading a review because when you look at what the complaint is sometimes it really just feels like a moan for the sake of it, which lets face it even the best of us are guilty of now and again. It’s true though, even with our trip, when things don’t go to plan it makes a more interesting story!

I am however, very happy to report that things have calmed! We have had a chilled few days in good company, with (finally) good weather. Plenty of decent food, helpful local people and relatively happy kids. Having said that Koa is struggling at the moment, I’m not sure if it’s the lack of routine and a combination of the late nights but we’ve had our fair share of struggles these last few days. Any tips on stopping us from snapping would be greatly appreciated! It’s a peace of mind to know we aren’t the only ones. I’ve spoken to a few friends lately and I just wanted to say I really value your support. Some of you have helped me recently more than you may know. All this parenting (especially 24/7 with no school) is hard work! Also very rewarding as we are getting to see them develop more and more each day. I really hope that we can all pull together and learn to be kind to each other. I’ll be channelling my positivity and gratitude and I’ll let you know how it goes…

Today we spent in Collioure, (south of France) which has a great mix of small beaches, history, culture, shopping and good food all right next to each other! Winner.

No filter needed, just stunning!

One thing that both Ben and I are feeling (even though I think he’s had a harder time admitting it than me) is a huge relief from the unnecessary pressure the caravan was adding to our daily life. I am a bit of a believer that ‘things happen for a reason’ and if I’m honest I can’t recall a time where I’ve loved spending time in there. I love the places we’ve been in it and the memories we’ve shared when away – though pretty much all of these are when we’ve been away from the actual caravan or sitting outside of it to be honest! It enabled us to get here and for that I’m grateful, but I do believe we were meant to carry on our journey without it! We’re waiting to hear back from the insurance about what we need to do next as currently it’s had to remain on the previous campsite.

Lots of things that we had planned will change from now as it means that some volunteer work that we had lined up isn’t an option for us now as some were pitch for work exchanges. However, we are looking at other options and hoping that actually this will open us up to more rather than less. I’ve noticed the weight has been lifted from Ben, he’s unknowingly been carrying around a burden of the logistics concerning the caravan, the where’s, the hows, the putting up the awning the setting out the stuff (and you know we had TOO MUCH STUFF.) Some people are experienced or just naturally better at this stuff than we are therefore it is more enjoyable. I’m not great in the sense that if I don’t enjoy something I don’t add any real value to a situation – which I feel made him carry more pressure because I’d already let go! Hats off to people that do this kind of thing with small children and make it look easy!

It’s also so good to see the kids making friends and especially for Koa, seeing his guard drop. The kids are just being kids with no pressure or major expectation, running around with girls ( a few weeks ago Koa would’ve said “I don’t like girls”) so this is amazing! I think the peer pressure that can build up in the school environment has eased away and he’s gradually coming out of himself – probably like I mentioned before also a catalyst for the outbursts! Like most things I guess, you win some, you lose some!

As we all feel about our kids, if I could ensure he understood one thing it’s that he is more loved than he could ever possibly comprehend.

Speak soon guys, we’re now so close to Spain! xx

In the meantime if anyone has a different outlook on dealing with challenging behaviour please feel free to pm me I always welcome those chats!

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