Who are we?

I guess I’d describe us a ‘normal’ family. We’re a mum and dad to three young boys, we have just sold our two bed terrace that we’d outgrown to begin life on the road in our caravan.. wait we had outgrown our house so why move into a caravan?! Good question, we’re still looking for the answer to that to be honest and we’re hoping we find it along the way!

For us there’s no planned start or end or major things that we want to do or see we literally just needed a change of lifestyle. Do you know what I mean? We just wanted to break free for a bit. It wasn’t even that we didn’t like what we had already but more we wanted to discover, explore and to have an experience. Most of all it would give us the opportunity to spend more time with our boys as we realised how all too fast the time goes when our eldest started school.

You know the saying life gets in the way? It really does sometimes. At the cost of it causing stress from working long hours or opposite hours from your partner. Running from school runs, clubs, trying to maintain healthy dinners social lives, juggling the endless tasks us parents have to on a daily basis. It’s tough. It puts strain on the best of us. It got to the point where this inevitably took its toll and personal family circumstances combined led us to making this change. People have said it’s brave, I guess throwing your kids inheritance into a questionable future IS worrying but we don’t feel brave, we feel like we’re doing the right thing. In that respect it’s felt an easy decision to make. Like the universe had this in store for us, the stars aligned. I said to my husband one day, I guess at times it will be scary but I’m more scared of the thought of doing the same thing we’ve been doing. Trying to keep your head above water affording a UK property in the south east, paying your bills, having children and being able to maintain this is TOUGH. Hats off to the people doing it. Modern day life has become so expensive.



Ben is my husband, he’s a scaffolder and hgv driver by trade. Now turned chief clothes washer and expert paella cooker! He’s a great dad and is so keen for the boys to experience more of an outdoor lifestyle! He enjoys car racing, fishing, bike riding and most things with an engine. Not to forget getting on my bloody nerves is his absolute specialty.



I’m Yasmin, mum to three wild boys! I have previously been a hairstylist for 14 years and educator in the later part of my career. Unsurprisingly I love to travel and I worship sunshine, it’s my fuel. In my spare time Im trying to learn Spanish and come up with new home education resources! I have this cool presenting style which has two sides – laid back motherly nurturer to crazed woman absolutely losing my shit. Not in a pretty way.

Me hanging out in my wardrobe


We have three young boys Koa, Jax & Drew, ages 5, 3 & almost 2. Haha rhymes. They love getting up to mischief. They’re a great mixture of boys being boys yet very caring and sensitive. They love playing with sticks, cars, mud, puddles… they’re boys what more can I say?! They’re also the most feral beasts you’ve ever come across, not even joking.

How do we afford to do this??

There’s no magic formula for us, neither of us have one of those cushy jobs where we can work remotely and earn well – trust me I’ve looked!! Still if you find something please let me know guys! 😉

We owned our first house for 5years in which time it never really felt like home. Though we were fortunate to make money and have equity enabling us to sell and fund our trip. It won’t last forever and we will have to get real jobs eventually, no it wasn’t feasible for us to rent our house out though that would’ve been ideal! So here we are with a little time on our hands and a desire to see what we can and maybe find a new place to call home.

Stick around, we hope to be a friend, (hopefully) make you laugh and amuse you with our misadventures ❤️ xx

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